OOBERS is the spawn of Jay T Harding’s twisted and revolting imagination.  It is the first in a series of novels that chronicle the plight of Joel Fletcher, who was born with the ability to have out-of-body experiences, or OOBEs, which makes him an OOBER.  Thus the name.  The OOBERS series deliberately shoves the boundaries of graphic content, erasing the barrier between implied and actual descriptions of gore, violence and degradation, leaving the reader with the intense feeling of having to take a shower or throw up or both.  Jay T Harding spent the majority of his working years in the medical field and believes in the words of the 2nd century playwright Terence, “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto,” or “I am a human being, therefore I consider nothing that is human alien to me.”  Jay T Harding uses his knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as an abundant knowledge of psychology and philosophy to fashion the most brutal and explicit narrations known to literature.  OOBERS will be successful in drawing out the frightened child in you and shoving you into the unknown pit of your worst nightmare.  If you like horror, you will absolutely scream over OOBERS.


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