The Journey of a Thousand Miles. . .

In just a few hours my first-born will reach another milestone in its evolution. OOBERS, the only horror novel that comes with a warning on its cover and for good reason, is going to be available through Amazon and Smashwords in paperback form. This is for those of you who, like me, love holding a book in your hands so you can smell the freshness of the pages and hint of ink, so you can stick it in your jacket pocket to be read on the bus or subway or doctor’s waiting room or lunch break, so you can show off your intelligence without even thinking about it, and when you’re done you can slide it reverently into a space on your library shelf that had been waiting for just this book. There’s something satisfying about using a grocery receipt for a bookmark, a silent sense of contentment that comes over you when you turn a page quickly – and hearing that rustling snap it makes – so you can keep pace with the story, an air of readiness should a total stranger ask what it is you’re reading. As convenient and economical as a tablet or reader is (most e-books cost between .99 and 2.99), nothing can quite replace the conventional book and the benefits of having one. If you’re at all old-fashioned, I highly recommend you jump online soon and order a paperback copy of OOBERS. Not only is there fine writing (if I do say so myself – which I just did), but the cover is extraordinarily well done. I must thank my friend Lee Taylor for crafting the original book cover for OOBERS, and my Publisher Danielle Zwizzler at Firefly and Wisp Books for tweaking it to polished perfection. I would start in thanking everyone who helped bring this child of mine to life, but then I’d spoil the book’s official Acknowledgements, compromise the blog post I have planned when OOBERS has taken the next step and becomes available to bookstores near you (about 3-4 weeks from now, I’m told), and completely undermine my Pulitzer acceptance speech. Buy the paperback and you’ll read about some of the wonderful, loving souls who helped me through the long and sometimes arduous process. And if I haven’t completely convinced you to order a paperback, let me add this: There are a few places in the novel that will make you hurl it across the room and then chase after it to read on, and a paperback fares much better to such violent outbursts than a Kindle or Nook. Get a copy for the guy who always goes with you to the horror movies, you know, the fellow who has every Hellraiser, Friday the Thirteenth, Alien and Saw movie on Blue Ray, the dude whose library is stacked with Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, Clive Barker, Fritz Leiber and John Saul novels. Give him a new author to drool over and buy him a copy of OOBERS. The only problem is that instead of drooling, he’s liable to lose his lunch. But don’t worry. It’s worth seeing your meal again.


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