The Fabric of Reality

My niece Danielle called me last night to tell me she was reading OOBERS (poor child) and to ask me a question. How much of the story was based on real life and how much was the regurgitation of a sick mind? She said she understands that writers commonly put themselves in books and that she was fairly certain the protagonist Joel Fletcher shared much of my DNA. I couldn’t argue with that because I find it somewhat true, at least for me. But the thing I think that the thing that turns an autobiographical stylization into fiction is the amount of bullshit you mix in with it. Let’s face it. Writers have to be fairly convincing liars, or the reading populous will never be able to swallow the tale as believable. OOBERS has a liberal amount of fact, and just enough make-believe to keep it interesting. I’m going to assume, due to the infancy of the book’s popularity, that you have not read it yet, so I will try to keep the spoilage at a minimum as I slip us down a very tiny rabbit hole into the recipe of OOBERS.

The novel takes place in Kalamazoo, Michigan. If you are from Kalamazoo you will be able to recognize certain landmarks and streets, and yes, even a few of the actual structures described within its pages. If you have never been there, consider the novel a miniature roadmap and sightseeing guide. You can actually drive down the streets my characters walk on, you can follow some of them through the maze of its city streets and you can even rent the infamous room in the motel under a hill. The interior of every building (even the trailer from Chapter One) is actual and factual. You will be able to point to a spot on the kitchen cabinets and say “This is where brain matter would have landed.” When OOBERS becomes a commercial, sociological and psychological success, I will probably get some negative feedback from a couple of the business establishments described in the book. After all, who wants to have their place forever associated with such horrors? I am prepared to tell them this: You can thank me for giving your business twice the revenue you normally would have. I mean, if fans want to stand where certain carnage occurred, they’ll gladly fork over a few bucks to do so, just to say they were there. Before you know it, people will begin reporting supernatural events in these places, and man, that’s more butter on the bread. I am not prepared, however, to debate the positive effect a near constant flow of curious strangers to certain private dwellings. To you unfortunate souls who happen to be renting the buildings where most of my fun took place, I apologize. You really should stock up on some OOBERS merchandise and make a little dough. Lemons into lemonade and all that rot. Why did I place the events of my novel in real places? There is a perfectly good reason for this, my friend. OOBERS is designed to give you the sensation that you are in fact having an out-of-body experience. Not only that, but an OOBE with Etheric monsters lurking around every corner. You will be able to visit Kalamazoo, Michigan and traverse the urban landscape from the shriek-covered pages of my novel. Now try to read OOBERS without hopping outside your body at least once.

The book’s main character, Joel Fletcher, is a long haired, pot smoking, glass stomach taxi driver. My niece pointed out to me that I used to be a long haired, pot smoking, glass stomach taxi driver, and I could not disagree, although I only share one of those characteristics with him now. So yes, there is a pretty significant parallel between Joel and myself. I also inserted some of me into the other characters as well, which is only natural. Now, some of the people in OOBERS are actual flesh-and-blood living souls. You’ll have to guess which ones are real. If you happen to be one of the lucky individuals, call me and I’ll send you a signed copy of the novel. The names of the characters – with the exception of one, an old and dear friend – have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Once again, I want the reader to be sucked from their bodies to hover over real people in real places. This will be a common thread in the rest of the series, if there is to be a series. Your purchase of OOBERS may very well be the tipping point that causes me to pen more OOBERS novels.

It was once said that the fabric of reality is woven with threads of fantasy, and visa versa. How true it is! One of my objectives in writing OOBERS is to not just give you the blanket of actuality. It is not merely a coat made from real thread and buttons and dyed to look like mayhem. OOBERS is designed to shake up your sense of decency, to rip you from the safety of your quietude, to put you so close to the action that you will throw the book across the room and then chase it down to read some more. Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo, and yes, there is a phenomenon, a mechanism by which you can literally step outside your physical body and view your world from an expanded awareness. Yes, the plait of reality smashes you in the gut with its unapologetic butchery. Yes, dear reader, be very afraid, be terrified, be as prepared as you can be as you are stitched through the knit of my novel. Yes, if I tell you it is real, it will be. OOBERS, as real as it gets.


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