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In an earlier post (“A Brief Message About Ents,” July 4, 2012) I spoke in some length about the nature and cosmology of non-Physical entities, or as I call them, Ents. I wrote: “Many a Christian has passed from the Physical to the Etheric Plane with stains on their hands that tie them to the Earth, which brings up another aspect of unresolved issues with translated beings. Guilt can trap an Ent quicker than a thousand addictions. I will elaborate on this topic, as well as the crippling effects of shame, in greater detail at another time.” This, my friend, is that other time.

I’d like to start off by saying that I am not a clinical Psychologist, I do not have a Doctorate in Psychiatry, nor do I, nor have I ever, worked in the mental health field. Not in this lifetime. But that’s yet another story. I do know a thing or two about the metaphysics of the Etheric Plane, however. It is important for you to know that the Physical world is not the only reality that exists. Just as there are light and sound waves that operate above and below the range of human senses, there are also vibratory rates outside our human understanding. We are only able to see just so far both into the quantum and universal world; the rest is but theory. In essence, the Physical Plane is just one of unlimited Vibratory Planes coexisting together. Because we as consciousness operate within the Physical realm, our senses are only able to perceive those things in the same arena. It is when we move our awareness outside this narrow band that we begin to gain a better understanding of the other Planes. I have concentrated my focus in OOBERS on just one of those universes, the Ether, because it is literally the closest vibratory rate to the Physical. The Etheric Plane is like a placenta around the Physical world and is called Home by many. Whenever someone has an Out-Of-Body Experience (OOBE), their consciousness immediately becomes aware of their Etheric surroundings because they are in their Etheric body. Each of us not only have a Physical body, but an Etheric, Astral, Causal and Mental body as well – not to mention the countless intermediary variations around them.

Now, just as the Physical body is nourished by food, the Etheric body gains sustenance via emotions. Let me use Maslow’s hierarchy to show the difference. The bottom level of Maslow’s hierarchy is primarily physiological: food, sleep, breathing, sex and water. The next level deals with basic safety, including security of the body, property and family. Segments of the Etheric Plane can be found even in the rudimentary needs of human consciousness. What emotions can you see surfacing from these last two rungs in the ladder? Happiness, lust, pride, curiosity, rage, fear, hope and greed, to name just a few. Now, if I wanted to harm someone in the Physical Universe, I would attack one of the above basic needs, such as poison the food or water, keep the person awake for days on end, hurt their family, steal their property or even a plain old baseball bat. Harm someone in the Etheric world – or even harm yourself, for that matter – and you will find the most base of emotions assaulted by dredging up and stoking the fire of anger, panic, disgust, grief and jealousy. If you find yourself unbalanced in one of these types of emotions, there might be an Etheric Entity (Ent) harassing or coming after you.

Now, we can hurt our self on the Etheric Plane just as easily, and with more frequency, than from an outside malevolent source. When someone sends us negative vibrations with their thoughts, words or actions, we usually react with like emotions. If someone yells angrily at you, you probably have the desire to lash back at them. If you cheat on an exam you will more than likely feel shame or guilt – even if no one knows about it but you. If your best friend is wearing shoes that you absolutely love but can’t afford you might experience envy. If you see your husband or wife flirting with a mutual friend, you may very well feel jealousy course through your blood. This is the emotional equivalent of putting your fist through a wall or smacking your head or cutting yourself because you choose to do it in response to the negative emotion assailing your Etheric body. Etheric scars are made by remorse, sorrow, revulsion, miserliness and rage. In these cases you attract Etheric Entities who feed off such harmful emotions much like an abused person tends to draw abusers to them.

The best defense against Ents is a positive and healthy self image combined with setting up emotional boundaries which protect against unwanted attacks. You will be able to protect yourself from the vast majority of negative Etheric assaults if you stay away from negative people, places or things and maintain a positive attitude. The ultimate protection is having a deep and abiding spiritual faith, because then you’re actually attracting benevolent Ents to you, and who doesn’t want a Guardian Angel close at hand? Unfortunately, there are Etheric Ents who are completely evil and go about creating havoc and carnage wherever they go, much like the rare instance of a mass murderer or serial killer. Much like the Demon Brakin in OOBERS. So, when you read OOBERS don’t start becoming afraid that these bad things can happen to you. You should have been afraid a long time ago.


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