Demonic Soliloquy

Let us dispense with the puerile drivel offered by common narrators, who no doubt lends a sympathetic ear toward the human Joel Fletcher – the OOBER I want to either control or destroy like the maggot he is – but who clearly lacks the insight to adequately express the point of view of the REAL protagonist in this wild farce, a title I find much too tame for myself.  Clearly in order to discuss my involvement in the education and slow eradication of Mr. Fletcher, it is necessary to understand who I am and what led me to such a lofty position within the rank and file of the Etheric Plane.  The narrator of the book OOBERS has portrayed me as nothing more than the driving force behind a handful of disturbingly graphic acts by clearly possessed human sheep.  He has painted but a single thin brushstroke in what is the rich and colorful canvas of my existence.  I am Brakin.  Commit my name to memory, because you will soon be on your knees begging me to spare your pathetic existence and thus choose life under my command over the bleak eternal horrors awaiting you beyond your last, wretched breath.

I am the Crown Jewel of Hell.  I come and go among your world with ease, dispensing mayhem and despair every time my feet touch the Earth.  You will recognize my signature by studying the headlines of your newspapers and television stations.  Just last week, I killed fourteen people in a ball bearing plant in Hamberg, Germany.  At the same time, I murdered three humans at random on the streets of Marion, Ohio.  Less than an hour later I took the life of six people in a delightful rampage in Gosford, Australia.  The list goes on as it has since the primordial shit regurgitated you out those many years ago.  To be precise, however, it isn’t necessary for me to appear personally at each and every fun-filled event; when you read OOBERS the novel you will become introduced to my darling children, the serpents.  They slough off me like sweat, eager to participate in the doom of your kind.  They are quite intelligent; can you say that about your bodily fluids?  They are able to influence the pabulum you call a mind to perform all sorts of fantastic and brilliant acts such as homicide and rape – my personal favorites – and even add to your early demise by causing you to crave all sorts of debauchery and self-inflicting behavior such as drugs and wanton sex.  Are you addicted to cigarettes?  You’ve met one of my offspring.  Do you enjoy indulging in alcohol until your mind is turned to mud, and then drive yourself home in a blind stupor every night for the rest of your pale existence?  You have heard the suggestions of one of my little snakes.  Do you sometimes feel anger come on like a white-hot blaze of destruction and then lash out to cause bodily damage to someone close to you, perhaps your spouse or child?  My progeny has pushed you over the edge of reason.  To be sure, there are hundreds if not thousands of Etheric entities milling about you even as you read my words, whispering in your ears in an attempt to prod you like the cattle you are into certain thoughts or acts.  When you feel that familiar tight-chested craving for whatever it is you are obsessed with, there is a spirit just beyond your faint senses helping you want it even more.  Have you a parent or other relative that took an addiction to their grave?  Haha!  They linger about you moaning and wailing for that very thing they cannot have now, praying that they can experience their desires through you.  Indeed, if you knew a miniscule portion of what happens around your Physical body, you would be instantly transformed into more of a drooling idiot than you are!  You can thank me for this, fool.  I rule the realm of rage and want.  I am the epitome of Attachment and Lust.  I am the architect of Envy and Gluttony.  I am Brakin, Lord of your very downfall!Image


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