One Great Big Twisted Family

A monster, a magical creature and an understanding man walks into a bar . . .

I didn’t even know those types of jokes existed until I was accepted into the Firefly and Wisp family.  Now life is full of fun and laughs because I hang out with a delightful and naughty bunch of writers.   You’ll get to see a list of them at the end of this article, in the order which they contributed to my gasoline expenses for hauling their happy asses around.  If you have any complaints about me they said they’d be more than welcome to take your name off my fan club mailing list.  I suggest you go visit them on their Facebook pages, their websites, or better yet, go to Smashwords or Amazon and buy one of their books.  Let’s just say they all owe me money, and maybe if you help them out a bit they can spread the love around.

Last year I met an old high school friend, Linda Ashcraft-Rice, and we discovered we had one thing in common: we both had a book inside of us wanting to come out but hadn’t gotten around to it.  We challenged each other to write and offered to edit each others’ work, and then went after it.  I actually had a science fiction novel bubbling around in my head and within three months had it finished.  Now, we had promised each other that we would be brutally honest, and she actually believed that when she told me not only was science fiction not her cup of tea, the tea itself tasted horrible.  So in the spirit of revenge I reached into the deepest recesses of my mind and started writing a story about this poor schmuck who finds out he was born with the ability to have out-of-body experiences (otherwise known as an Oober) and just happens to be on top of a badass demon’s shit list, which qualified him as the new most endangered human, with no clue what to do.  Linda told me this one wasn’t her cup of tea either, but it scared the holy hell out of her, so I kept writing.  A couple of months later OOBERS was born, gory and damned, and after she put her scalpel to it I started sending out submissions.  By the way, Linda’s book – Mountain Echoes – is a fantastic piece of fantasy literature, and when she starts trying to get it published I hope I’m high enough up on the food chain to not get eaten alive (a confidence I have very little of, having already read it).

So I came across this cool guy on Facebook, a fellow writer by the name of Joseph Rubas, who happens to write disturbing and horrific things like me (his book Pocketful of Fear is required reading in most homes around the world), and I found out he was an author at Firefly and Wisp.  I submitted OOBERS and held my breath, but not for long, because I received a call from the Publisher herself, Danielle Zwissler, who told me she got sick to her stomach while reading my novel and was informed by her husband to sign me QUICK.  As a matter of fact our first phone call lasted almost two hours.  She finally threatened to get a restraining order against me to get me to hang up.

That was when she threw me to the wolves – er, I mean the Fireflys.  I was welcomed with open arms, which was fortunate for me because they hadn’t had a chance to read my book and become sick yet.  I’m still not sure if the whole getting sick while reading my book thing is good or bad.  I welcomed them back with open arms, a remarkable feat since we were all on different computers around the world, and they haven’t shunned me yet.  I suppose that means OOBERS has a home with Firefly and Wisp, which gives me great relief because I was too scared to let it stay in my home for much longer.  I have come to know many of the authors and am convinced writers as a whole suffer some form of mental illness or another.  Not that I’m complaining.  At least I’m in good company.  Speaking of, here is a comprehensive list of my fellow Fireflys.  Remember, buy their books.  It’s called trickle down economics.  And tell them I sent you: Athena Song, Amie L. Flagg, Caitlin McColl, Lisa Morgan, Adora Dee, Earl Zwissler, Renee Curtis, Mary Beeson Duke, Crystal Ward, Brenda Hastings, Phyllis Seibert, Wendy Hunyor, Lee Taylor, Joseph Rubas, Danielle Zwissler, Dana Deitche Piazzi, Roy Hudson, Rebecca Nolan and Rich Kenyon.  Listen, even if OOBERS isn’t your cup of tea, the great folks at Firefly and Wisp has a flavor for everyone.  If you do get sick reading my book, tell me if it’s a good or bad kind of sick, please?


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