What You Don’t Know Can Kill You

Do you believe in ghosts? Almost half of the world population does believe that something is out there, just beyond our grasp, some insubstantial remnant of human consciousness that remains after death and is trapped between the world of the living and the world of the dead. If only that were the case.

I am hesitant to discuss this topic with you, simply because what I know will blow the lid off everything you thought you knew about the invisible world. I seriously do not want to be responsible for your never being able to venture beyond the safety of the bedsheets pulled over your head. Actually, there is no place on this earth totally safe from the influence of, well, entities, or Ents as I like to call them. The only sanctuary exists in your spiritual constitution. I will explain further in a few moments. But before you can begin to protect yourself from Ents (ghosts, haunts, specters, phantoms, spirits, ect.) you must understand what you’re facing. This is the part I am uncertain to share with you. I will, however, (against my better judgment) attempt to educate you to the sociology – actually the etherology, to be exact – of a portion of the nonphysical universe. It is bad enough you will be schooled about a mere sliver of the other side; were the totality of esoteric knowledge suddenly deposited in your mind, you would quite simply become completely, absolutely, droolingly insane. Today’s lesson involves what is commonly referred to as the Etheric Plane.

You understand that the human senses can only perceive a portion of the vibratory range of both light and sound. The visual spectrum of the human eye cannot detect ultraviolet, microwave, Gamma rays, X rays and infrared light among others. We know they are there, we just can’t see them with the naked eye. Similarly, the majority of harmonic sounds and radio waves can’t be captured by the human ear. A dog whistle is a good example of this. These are just two of the countless levels of atomic vibrations, or the vibratory nature of atoms. The Etheric Plane is of a higher vibratory rate than that of the Physical universe. Now, without jumping off the deep end of quantum physics, let me share with you a fact that you can understand. There is an immortal life force within you, and is present within all natural processes of the universe. Theologians and other experts of the spiritual realm call this the Soul, that spark of consciousness created by God which resides within the mortal body. Most religious leaders believe that there is a very real link between the Soul and the Creator; some even go so far as to compare this as a drop within the ocean. There have even been scientific studies that prove that upon the death of the physical shell, a discernible loss of weight is found. So the Soul is not only real, it has a level of substantiation, or a connection between this and the next world. You will be happy to know that there is life beyond the grave.

Here is where it becomes interesting, dear reader. The Soul emerges from the physical body into the Etheric world, where in most cases (almost all, to be exact) the Souls of family members who have already ‘crossed over’ are present to assist the recently departed. There is actually a place, regardless of spiritual belief, where Souls go to be processed and become integrated to their new reality. But that is not where I want to be in this discussion. I want to talk about the Hood of the spiritual realm. The Etheric Plane operates under the laws of imagination and emotion. If you imagine a mansion and garden and loved ones and rest, it will be waiting for you when you step over. If you are convinced you will be going to Hell when you die, you will find yourself in the torment you imagined. The motto of the Etheric Plane is ‘You create your own world”. This is true in theory, but Soul actually manifests, not creates, their environment. The bogeyman, the host of Demons, Devils, the bottom dwellers of the Etheric Plane exist because of the fantastic imaginations of Souls from the time the first ray of consciousness beamed into existence. Here is the kicker: what is done cannot be undone, except in rare cases and by extremely advanced spiritual masters. The Etheric world is teeming with not only all the beautiful and spectacular imaginings from the first cough of time, but it contains every horrific, demented, monstrous, hideous Ent ever envisioned. If you enter into this soup of conception without a guide that knows what they’re doing, you can venture quite easily into the ghetto of Hell.

Malevolent Ents absolutely love trying to influence unsuspecting and unprotected Souls while they dwell in their mortal body. They do this without the person having the slightest idea that they are being manipulated. The full range of mental illnesses, from addiction to compulsion to obsession to depression, are directly correlated with the interaction between Entities and Soul. Unless you have a strong spiritual foundation and the security of powerful Etheric agents of good, there are Ents right now as you read this that are whispering to your weaknesses so that they can draw more life into themselves and become more powerful. Do you smoke? Ent-influenced (although there are Souls who leave the Physical world addicted to smoking and consciously hang around smokers so they can enjoy it vicariously) and Ent-propagated. Do you harbor secret carnal desires that are considered taboo? Ents. Lose your temper sometimes when you don’t mean to? You got it, Ents. Forget about ghosts, my friend. You’ve got a pack of evil Etheric denizens who have nothing better to do than mess with you. Let them and they’ll suck the Will right out of you. Like I said before, if you only knew the extent of demonic forces working against you as Soul, you would become demonstratably insane.

Pleasant dreams!


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