A Brief Message About Ents

Dr. Don Greenhill, an aging OOBER – one of the original 30 that were injected with an experimental drug in the Army that caused them to have out-of-body experiences – wasted no time explaining to the book’s protagonist, Joel Fletcher, certain aspects of life on the Etheric Plane. He warned Joel about certain Entities (Ents) who dwell in the Ether, and who often attach themselves psychically to Physical beings. He said in part, “Most entities are simply the souls of humans who have left this world with unfulfilled desires, those with addictions or some strong tie to the Physical world.”

Don provided an example of this. He told Joel “For the sake of this discussion, let’s say that a man dies who smoked cigarettes all his life. The soul of that man may very well linger around living smokers and share the experience of smoking vicariously through them. Imagine being a smoker trying to quit. Not only does he have to overcome a physical and psychological addiction, but if a smoking entity has become attached to him, he will have to overcome the psychic addiction as well.” He added, “This is true for those addicted to drugs and alcohol, as well as a host of other attachments to this world.”

You must be sitting there wondering if you have an Ent fixed to you, whispering in your ear “Oooo, a cigarette would taste SO good right about now!” or “There’s nothing wrong with having a cold beer or two before going to work! It’ll help you cope with the shit you have to put up with!” Chances are, you probably know the entity hovering about you, putting images of their desires into your mind. Good old Uncle Phil just loved going to strip clubs, and you went with him a few times, but since he’s gone you’ve been frequenting them more often. Good old Uncle Phil is probably feeding you images and the subsequent emotional reactions on a subconscious level, knowing that you are spiritually weak in this area. How do Ents know our weaknesses? The same way a living person can tell if we are happy or angry, except our desires and emotional attachments are on the Etheric level of consciousness. Many of us have the mistaken idea that when a person ‘crosses over’ they are greeted by loved ones and then nurtured in soft clouds or opulent mansions, their physical appetites being left behind with their corporeal body. On the contrary, our destructive tendencies stay with us because they are not really physical in nature, but emotional and mental. We may be reunited with loved ones who have gone on before, but if we have unresolved issues – and most of us do – we must continue to struggle with them even in the presence of our Etheric family.

Now, someone who has a strong abiding faith in God, someone who possesses a strong moral compass, will fare much better in the next life than someone who dies leaving their fate to chance. The law of Karma (cause and effect) is exact and does not get reset when we take off our mortal overcoat. On the contrary, most emotional addictions and attachments become amplified through lack of a Physical body to dilute the issues. Those of us who are sincerely devoted to the concepts of divine grace and mercy have developed a mechanism designed to help us work through our karmic debt. Let it be known, though, that the concept of turning over the responsibility of our transgressions to a heavenly source is nothing more than ignorance of the precise law of karma. It is wonderful to believe that Jesus died for your sins, that you have been washed in the sacrificing blood of the Lamb, but it does not give you free reign to ignore the whisperings of that powerful and loving Etheric Ent called the Holy Spirit. Go ahead and die with a raging addiction or unhealthy compulsion, or with hate in your heart, and see what happens. That’s why God created the act of contrition and forgiveness. Many a Christian has passed from the Physical to the Etheric Plane with stains on their hands that tie them to the earth, which brings up another aspect of unresolved issues with translated beings. Guilt can trap an Ent quicker than a thousand addictions. I will elaborate on this topic, as well as the crippling effects of shame, in greater detail at another time. Another chain that binds many spirits to the earth is revenge, and all the links associated with it. Revenge itself is the primary cause of most Ents clinging to their former earthly home and the people in it. I will talk about this in much greater detail down the road. There are an unlimited number of beneficial Ents just waiting for us to ask for help, as well as an unlimited number of destructive Ents who are happy to use us for their own depraved purposes. It all depends on which camp you put your attention on. The bottom line is this: nothing at all is in perfect black or white. When we pay our final debt to life we will carry with us an individualized and unique complex of strengths and weaknesses, as well as the tools – or lack thereof – to help us cope with our new life on the Etheric Plane. But while we still wear our skin, it is helpful to be aware that there are Ents who try to influence us in one direction or another. I would love to explain how to take charge of your life both in this world and the next, but I suppose you’ll have to read OOBERS to find out.

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.



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