The Out-Of-Body Experience

In the early 1980s I discovered and then became a student of an obscure spiritual path that was primarily designed to teach its adherents Self- and God-Realization through inner examination via what was referred to as ‘spiritual exercises’.  As I studied the teachings I became aware of a phenomena called ‘Soul Travel,’ in which the individual consciousness actually detached itself from the physical body and explored various planes of existence beyond and within the universe of materialism.  I was introduced to the world of past life recall, lucid dreaming and Astral Travel, but the teachings weren’t centered around the success of or novelty of these abilities.  The sole purpose was to gain knowledge and wisdom of the individual’s own spiritual journey.  Nevertheless, I found some of the techniques related to having distinct out-of-body experiences (OOBEs) as particularly fascinating, and began accumulating as much information as I could about it.

Among the literature pertaining to OOBEs was a novel written by Jack London (The Call of the Wild author) called The Star Rover.  Wikipedia (a source I value highly, but should always be crossed referenced for truth’s sake) describes the plot as such:

“A framing story is told in the first person by Darrell Standing, a university professor serving life imprisonment in San Quentin State Prison officials try to break his spirit by means of a torture device called “the jacket,” a canvas jacket which can be tightly laced so as to compress the whole body, inducing angina. Standing discovers how to withstand the torture by entering a kind of trance state, in which he walks among the stars and experiences portions of past lives.”

The protagonist learns how to achieve OOBEs in order to escape the brutal torture.  This ‘trance state’ that London alludes to is in actuality the Soul – that part of us even more intimate than our own sense of self (sometimes called the “I” as opposed to the “i”) – leaving the confines of the body.  This phenomena has been recorded throughout history in every culture and civilization.  Even Paul says in the Holy Bible, 2 Corinthians 12:2 – “I know a man in Christ, fourteen years ago (whether in the body, I know not; or whether out of the body, I know not; God knoweth), such a one caught up even to the third heaven.” 

OOBEs is a function of the spirit as natural as eating, sleeping and walking.  Children are born with this ability, but after years of indoctrination of the material world (by parents, churches and schools) it becomes pushed to the back of the consciousness and becomes all but forgotten.  OOBEs, however, are like riding a bicycle.  You may not remember how to do it, but once you’re on it again you do.

Now, I’m not going to turn this essay into a practical exercise on the mechanics of OOBEs.  That will come later.  It is important that you find out for yourself if this sort of thing is a reality you can wrap your mind around.  If you are a religious or spiritual sort of person, I suggest you pray and meditate on the matter, study your scriptures and talk to your clergy.  If you are a scholar, perhaps you should search whatever base of knowledge you trust, whether it be Google, the local library, a University or another source of information.  Let me point out that there are two levels of data: the surface facts you unearth through study, and the deeper facts you happen across if you dig below the surface.  Another reason why I’m not going to spell out techniques on how to achieve OOBEs is because I don’t know what your motives are for learning.  My experience has shown that people who try to achieve OOBEs for the novelty of it, out of casual curiosity or to use as a parlor trick, do not possess the inner fortitude and discipline it takes to learn how.  There are those, also, who seek to master OOBEs in order to achieve any number of nefarious goals.  I will not help those who wish to spy on others, to gain knowledge for personal gain, or to interfere with anyone’s the spiritual growth.  Let me just say here that those who learn OOBEs for these reasons almost always fails.  A child may wish to drive a car to go to the toy store, but behind the wheel they are a danger to themselves and others.  Check your intentions before you begin this journey of self discovery.  If you want to learn how to OOBE so that you may raise your own consciousness, and in doing so, elevate the consciousness of the world around you, you will find doors open to you that were once closed.

I have fictionalized the out-of-body experience for many reasons.  My overall purpose is to raise awareness of this very real and extremely fascinating occurrence.  Over time you will see why I chose to highlight the horrors that can confront you in the Etheric world.


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