OOBERS: A Friendly Overview


Let’s talk about my upcoming book OOBERS, unless there’s something else you want to discuss, but I’m sorry your time for topic changes ran out last week, so we’ll keep the subject as it is.  It is said that a writer should “write what you know,” and that is sound advice, but it was coined on a day long, long before Wikipedia and Google and Yahoo, when a fellow was confined to know just what was in front of him, which by the way made for some incredible literature that I won’t get into now because we’re talking about the next generation of great literature, OOBERS.  So far, I have deliberately done a poor job of discussing OOBERS, but have also dropped the story’s name five times in just this first paragraph, so now that I’ve nailed the word OOBERS into your psyche, you’ll be better prepared for the meat and marrow of mayhem that OOBERS will shovel into you; if you like tension, if you feed on the unexpected, if you live for visceral visceral (yes, I said it twice – adjective and adverb), have I got a novel for you.

OOBERS is not of this world, and let me explain.  Almost all of the population on this teeming planet deals exclusively with matters of the flesh, whether it be in the production of or consumption of material things.  The lower, more primitive part of us is led by a handful of basic human needs that I will not bother listing, as I trust you are more than able to name at least five.  The more complex and sophisticated nature of our reality is also concentrated on surviving within the known universe under a set of theories that have been mathematically accepted to be reasonable, sound and unchanging.  OOBERS deliberately stomps on such assumptions.  Every little thing that you do is completely grounded in the belief and acceptance of a growing number of actualities, filtered through your five senses and intellect.  Now imagine something showing up and skull-fucking your reality.  Welcome to OOBERS.

Before I eviscerate and fling information about OOBERS toward you, I have to issue a statement: I will not (need I repeat it?) place those dastardly little ‘spoiler alerts’ on print, and just the mention of them is more than I prefer.  You can’t spoil something that defies logic and grinds everything you consider sacred into sand.  No matter how much or how little I disclose, you will undoubtedly want to read OOBERS for the same reason you watch an airplane slicing through a building, or a video of men calmly being beheaded with a chainsaw.  You detest the profane but still want to know the depth of depravity.  You shudder, grow ill and abhor the very thought of debauching the bowels of sacrosanctity, but a primeval stir deep within the shadows of your soul demands you must know and bear witness to such wickedness.  OOBERS pushes the envelope onto the floor, shreds it twelve different ways then torches it into ash.

What if a scientist could prove without the slightest bit of doubt that another universe, fifteen times more real than the thing you call real now, exists in conjunction with ours but at a much higher state of vibration and consequently is otherwise undetectable?  That bit of news would be slightly unsettling, but it is precisely what you’ll find in OOBERS.  You would also want to know that this intertwined universe is filled with creatures able to interact with and influence us all on a psychic and emotional level that were previously unrealized.  OOBERS will school you on this subject, yes it will.  Perhaps you might find it important to become conscious of the fact that by and large, there’s not a damned thing you or pretty much everyone else can do about it.  Did I mention that a fair proportion of the beings in this parallel world live only to mess with us in every degree from as meager as stubbing a toe to getting cancer to actually kidnapping our very essence and using our bodies to commit vile and unheard of atrocities?  I didn’t think I’d brought that up yet, but now I have.  You might just want to read OOBERS, because even though it is a work of fiction, it is firmly rooted in fact.

There are a handful of human beings who have mastered the ability to detach their sense of self (the “I”) from their physical body and actually become conscious and aware of the previously mentioned and superior vibratory reality interwoven with it.  For the purpose of this story I’ve called this place the Etheric plane.  Modern science calls the ability to leave the actual corporeal shell an ‘out-of-body experience’.  These rare Oobers can attest to the truths found in OOBERS, because they’ve experienced it firsthand.  The fact is, you have the potential to find out for yourself, if you dare.  I suggest you leave the soul trekking to the experts, though.  If you don’t wish to be some Etheric chew toy, you might want to consider reading OOBERS for helpful hints to keep the boogie things at bay.  I have sprinkled personalities throughout the book because, let’s face it, a novel isn’t usually very interesting without the human element, and I have written certain gory and disturbing scenes to do nothing more than illustrate the severity and creativity of some of the more evil (for lack of any other word) Entities roaming around the Ether.  The purpose of OOBERS is to entertain and educate you.  Plain and simple.  Call it a horror story, a thriller, or a travel guide.  You decide.  I want to take you into the mind of an Oober who skates along the thin ice of sanity while dodging fang, blade and bullet.  There are only four known Oobers left in this weak, wide world, the inner demons are pissed off, and it doesn’t look good for the fate of humanity.  Our three dimensional reality is about to become extinct, and OOBERS straps you in for the ride with barbed wire and intestines.  Ignorance is not bliss.  It’s treacherous.  Make sure you have OOBERS on your bookshelf when the world goes to hell in a hand basket.


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